Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boyfriend garners over 1 million views for "Don't touch my Girl'

There are odd days when I wonder why I do this...
I look around at cold half empty cups of Dunkin Donuts and Starbuck's (Rayne will kill me for that >.<) coffee. 2 laptops nestled together with a recently acquired 2terabyte external drive in-between.
Sometimes I get really tired.
Why do I do this?
Then I watch Boyfriend's just released dance version of 'Don't touch my Girl' while a BIG smile spreads across my face as I realize just how right and well done this rookie group is. You can almost see their hopes and dreams, hear their drive for success in an ever more competitive jungle of fierceness.
Boyfriend does not rely on flashy outfits or over-the-top accessories(I'm STILL looking at you B1A4*coughblowmewhistlecough*)to garner fans. They just sing and dance really well, moving forward one step at a time.
Starship, keep doing what you're doing with these boys.
Cause you're doin it perfectly.
Sometimes you do it just because....its right.
"Fighting babies!"

BOYFRIEND 보이프렌드_내 여자 손대지마 Dance Ver. Music Video

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Enjoy! ^.^

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