Monday, October 31, 2011

Infinite gets ready to storm Japan! Starts a new TV show and releases Paradise studio video!

Busy Infinite is busy!
Earlier, it was reported that KBS’s ‘SECRET’ would be coming to an end and replaced by an animal variety show.
Although it was announced earlier that the show would be titled, ‘My Pet’, the name has since been changed to ‘Birth of a Family’.
The new show will document various idol groups taking care of abandoned animals for 8 weeks or so – until the animal is adopted by a new family. In addition, the show will also feature rare animals that are not commonly seen in the company of people. The show hopes to raise awareness about issues involving animal neglect. It hopes that by bringing in celebrities on the show to care after these animals, they may help increase awareness and capture the hearts of citizens. As the celebrities laugh and cry raising these animals, the show hopes to inspire citizens to take a deeper interest in abandoned and homeless animals.
MBLAQ and APink were announced as the first idol groups up to take part in the upcoming show. However, due to scheduling issues, MBLAQ has now been replaced by INFINITE.
INFINITE and APink will become the first idol groups to participate in the show emceed by Boom, Lee Hui Jae, and Kim Byung Man.  The first day of filming will start on November 1st, and the first episode will air on November 12th.
Source + Photo: Newsen
The boys of INFINITE wrapped up their promotions for their repackaged full-length album in Korea, putting on their last performance on SBS‘ Inkigayo on the 30th.

Their next plans are to focus completely on Japanese promotions for the time being, dominating with their trendy music and lethal dance moves.

A representative from INFINITE’s management team remarked, “The boys will be performing on stages in Japan for the remainder of the year. They will be a lot busier than the last time we were in Japan, being featured on more TV programs and holding many more fan meet and greets.”

INFINITE who has made their mark in the K-pop scene only a year after debuting with songs like “Be Mine“, and “PARADISE” are now crossing over to take on the Japanese music industry by storm.

The boys will be performing their hit songs”Before the Dawn“, as well as “Can You Smile” which will be released on November 19th.

Member ‘L‘ is also featuring on a popular Japanese drama and has already built a good fan base which should only work to INFINITE’s advantage when they begin their promotions.

As INFINITE prepares for their Japanese promotions, Woolim Entertainment recently revealed the dance practice for “PARADISE”, check it out below!

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Heavy breathing boys!
Busy busy boys! ^.^

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