Monday, October 24, 2011

SMTown In New York, The Long Road to the Show

Sorry for the wait, we had about 200 photos and 16 videos to upload! It took a long time, but here we are!

First I will tell you about our trip to New York and how everything we did turned out to be AMAZING

Going to New York isn't that hard from where we live, but it does take some time. Stormy and I drove to New Haven to take the train to Grand Central Station. Then we took a taxi to Madison Square Garden where everyone was gathered. We took some pictures!

Madison Square Garden! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Some signs from outside of Madison Square Garden

We were very hungry, (and probably a little grumpy) so we went across the street to get something to eat. While we were there we talked with some other fans and thought about how cool it would be to see the SMTown Live bus. OH WAIT IS THAT THE BUS?!
THE BUS!!!!!

I was so excited to take this picture I probably knocked down 20 people >.>

After lunch we got in line to get some MERCHANDISE!!!! I got a t-shirt and Stormy got a tote bag and a shirt too! We were very lucky in that line too, they cut off people from buying merchandise right behind us D: But they did open it back up again so those poor people didn't wait in line for nothing.

Stormy did want to go back outside for a coffee at this point, but I was like NO SCREW THAT! We are waiting in the lobby! This was probably for the best since we were some of the first people to be seated! Here you can see our view of the stage.
We were pretty high up...

Stormy and I waited in growing anticipation for the show to start, waving our glow stick around and talking. THEN THE LIGHTS WENT DARK. This movie is what played:

Uploaded by on Oct 24, 2011

Sorry about the quality, we were really high up and recording with...a cellphone...

In any case look out for more LOTS MORE pictures and videos coming your way soon! Stormy will be covering the boys and I'll be covering the girls!

-stormoftara :3

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