Thursday, October 27, 2011

M! Countdown 111027 - SNSD WINS! - Infinite - B1A4 - UKISS - FT Island

Big show today with awesome special stages! Lets roll!
SNSD wins! I'm so happy and what an awesome comeback stage!

SNSD - The Boys : ComeBack Stage

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Winner stage - Aishhh Sunny is too adorable! ^.~
111027 SNSD - M Countdown Today's Winner

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Infinite Special stage! - sorry for the low quality, best found.
111027 Mcountdown - Paradise+Be Mine [INFINITE]

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by.Hikari (NUNAPIRIT)
I ABSOLUTELY adore this stage!
U-Kiss - Someday

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Hongki! The point is...Hair and nails! Areso?
FT Island - Like Birds - Good bye stage 

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After topping October’s poll for the Daum Fan Cafe Stage, B1A4 received the opportunity to put on a special stage on this week’s ‘M Countdown’.

On October 27th, B1A4 put aside their colorful outfits for sleek suits to perform a special version of their hit track, ‘Beautiful Target‘. During their performance, the boys chose one of their fans to become their “beautiful target”.

Prior to their performance, B1A4 stated, “We plan to find a ‘beautiful target’ amongst our fans who dedicated their time to come watch us perform.”
111027 B1A4 - Special Stage 'Beautiful target + 연예인'

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REALLY sorry I couldn't find better quality of this stage, looks like it was fun.

Big Show Great show this week!
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

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