Monday, October 17, 2011

SHINee to release first Japanese album in November. Plus SHINee's Japan mobile update 111018

Via tokyohive:
After releasing three singles in Japan this past year, it has been announced that SHINee will be releasing their first Japanese album on November 23rd!
Aptly titled “THE FIRST”, this album will include twelve songs, including the already released singles, “Replay – You Are My Everything“, “Juliette” and “Lucifer“. In addition to the regular version, two limited edition packages will be released.
The regular version ($37 USD) will include the CD, a 44-page photo booklet and “Stranger“, SHINee’s OST track for the Japanese drama “Stranger6“.
The limited edition ($50 USD) will include the CD, a 2012 desk calendar, a “JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION DIGEST MOVIE in JAPAN & LONDON” DVD and 68-page photo booklet featuring the quintet’s visit to London earlier this year.
The limited edition box version ($80 USD) will include a deluxe CD, a 88-page photobook, a limited edition button, a full MP3 verison of the album, as well as the earlier-mentioned 2012 calendar and DVD with jacket shooting footage.
Source: EMI Japan

111018 SHINee Japan mobile updated - Trans! Everyone on Fansite! Hello, we are shining SHINee!
We will be releasing our first album [THE FIRST] on 23rd November 2011!!

In the first album, we will not only include the single songs which we have released till now, but also we will work hard on the recordings of the Japan Original new songs, so please look forward for it.

It is because of everyone (shawols) that the album could be released.
It is really encouraging that everyone has always been so near to us (being around us).

SHINee will continue to work harder from now on, please give us your support.

Source: minoutshine| Minhoney
Translation by NINGZzhi .com
Source: @SHINeeSquad

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