Friday, October 7, 2011

MuBank 111007 Suju - B1A4 - Kim Janghoon - HAHA - UKISS - Infinite+Backstage videos!

Okay okay I know I'm all late to this party but its been a busy few days here at
My Music Radar! and in kpop in general! (aigoooo I need an assistant!)
Let's get the party started!

HAHA - Rosa - HaHa continues to entertain with this cute lil ditty

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B1A4 - Beautiful Target - You know you're a kpop fan when...
you can name that tune in 2 notes, yes even this one.
Omo! is it growing on me?!!!!!

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Kim JangHoon ft.EunHyuk,YeSung(Super Junior) - Breakups Are So Like Me - Hyukie! I can't even >.< oh my gahhh so adorkable! Truth is, I really like this tune, there is just something about it....
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Super Junior - A-CHA

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Aigooo! Kevin!

Seriously...where are all the KISSME's?
27th? I don't get it!
Okay okay I was all pissy when Xander and Kibum got pulled, and maybe I have to eat my words here but maybe....just maybe (>.<) NH Media knew what they were doing...the improvements to UKISS's performances are just incredible! Everything happens for a reason (lame I know) I still follow Xander and Kibum, and I'm very glad they are both doing well. UKISS deserves a win for Neverland, and I'm not even officially a KISSME.....just sayin...
U-Kiss - Neverland is off the charts good!

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L! So Hot!
Rated 15 for sexy man dancing!
Inspirits ROCK my socks! Fan chants!
What else can I say that I haven't already?
Paradise is simply the best!
Infinite - Paradise

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Backstage videos
Davichi & INFINITE - Back Stage

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Super Junior - Back Stage

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Bonus Infinite Video!
Infinite Q&A_RT Mcountdown episode5

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2010. 10.05 RT Mcountdown! 5th Episode!!!

Enjoy a lot friends and fans!

gahhh gotta squeeze one more video in.
*elbows letters and words outta the way while kicking a pic or two*
THIS is important! Infinite almost won again!
Fighting Inspirits!!!! I just KNOW Infinite is gonna take another win!
So nice that Davichi keeps them on stage with them. Class act girls!
Today's Winner

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