Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Radar Replay! -HyunA Bubble Pop!

Time for another exciting episode of Radar Replay!

Summer may be coming to an end, but HyunA heats things up with her song Bubble Pop!

Uploaded by on Jul 4, 2011

This song is very catchy, the dancing is fun, and HyunA is just adorable.
And she wears so many wonderful outfits in this video, one of my favorites is this:

Too cute!

But this video also caused some controversy:

It’s been announced that promotions for “Bubble Pop“, the hit summer track from 4minute‘s HyunA, have been concluded prematurely.

According to a notice issued on August 4th by the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC), HyunA’s choreography and outfits for “Bubble Pop” were deemed to be ‘too sexually suggestive’, both in its music video and stage performances.

Source: allkpop

It seems that HyunA was aiming towards a more western audience where her more sexual dance moves wouldn't be seen as so obscene. I think what she did worked and even if she had to stop performing it, I still love this song.

And that concludes another exciting episode of Radar Replay!

stormoftara :3

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  1. Hyuna's eye colour prevents me from wanting to look at the MV but I still listen to this every day! LOVE IT :D