Monday, September 12, 2011

INFINITE finally gets a new dorm!

INFINITE finally gets a new dorm! YAY! About Time!!!
Oh I just knew it was a matter of time, this has LONG been their wish, and after watching their Sesame Player episodes I can understand why. I know all of them living so close brings the members closer together but this was somewhat barbaric! I'm so happy for Infinite!!!

INFINITE finally gets a new dorm!

Last week, INFINITE grabbed their very first #1 win through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘, and were finally allowed to move into a new dorm!
A source close to INFINITE revealed to OSEN that “The current dorm has already been put up on the market. The new dorm that they’ll move into is a new apartment. I found it was quite nice when I went to check it out.” The source also revealed that the members were incredibly excited over this long-awaited move, and couldn’t hold back their glee.
After securing 1st place two weeks in a row on M! Countdown’, INFINITE experienced a boost in star power and have been labeled as the new idol group to be watched. They’ve been receiving an unceasing flow of requests to appear on music shows, as well as various broadcast programs.
INFINITE’s old dorm is famous amongst fans as an old two-story house located in Manwondong. Described to be an old and shabby place, the boys have been calling it ‘home’ since their trainee days. The members even had to share one bathroom between them.
The group had previously revealed, “If the members are talking inside the house, all the fans outside can hear what they’re talking about as well.”
INFINITE’s management, Woollim Entertainment, had promised the members a new dorm if they were able to secure a 1st place win on a music program, which added fuel to their burning desire to succeed.
Congratulations, boys!
Source + Photo: OSEN via Naver

Enjoy!!! ^.^

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