Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heechul entering the army

So I have been dreading this post, its kinda bittersweet.
I love my Kim Heechul Princess Diva Superman....
He is so open and forthright that I could even tell by his tweets whether things were going well or we were in for a storm and to take cover.
Through it all good and bad, this man has kept me amazed and amused and it breaks my heart that we will see little of him for 2 years.
Thats the bitter part.
The sweet part is, because he is in the public service personnel instead of active duty, when he is done with basic training, he will in all probability be back home every night. At least this is what I have gleaned from current available information.
Still he will of course not be performing or promoting with Super Junior so we will see little of him till he is discharged.
He did try to enter low key, and perhaps this is the beginnings of the more mature man he wishes to become. A video shows that for Heechul, this was indeed low key and fairly quiet.

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At least we found out why everyone looked so devastated on last weeks Inki!
Chul was fairly quiet for a few days, but then tweeted up a storm of pictures!
Hongki accompanied Heechul for the obligatory buzzcut
It makes me absolutely freakin crazy that he STILL manages to look beautiful!
With Siwon
Last meal
And a final tweet of thanks
Good bye my lovely boy, take care, work hard and see you next time....
Oh and say hello to my other lovely boys Kim Nam Gil and Kim Jae Wook


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