Sunday, September 11, 2011

‘Protect the Boss’ cast shares their Chuseok spirit

Okay Okay I'll admit it >.< I got into 'Protect the Boss' because of Kim Jaejoong, but truthfully, that reason went out the door about half way through the first episode. Thats right the FIRST episode! Honestly the chemistry between these cast mates can't be denied. Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung, Kim Jaejoong, and Wang Ji Hye provide so much comic relief that I have fallen in love with Kdrama all over again. Ji Sungs slap stick body gags and facial expressions especially remind me of Jung JiHoon/Rain in Fugitive:Plan B. Interactions of the 2 male leads run the gamete from sweet to down right hilarious! Especially their fight scenes.
Run don't walk to your favorite kdrama site to catch this awesome show!

‘Protect the Boss’ cast shares their Chuseok spirit

The cast of SBS‘s popular drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, greeted fans with adorable photos for the Chuseok holiday.
The photos showed the cast members feeding each other songpyeon, with an attached caption that read, ”Welcoming Chuseok, we hope all viewers will celebrate a hearty holiday and have a good time with their families.
The cast was in the midst of filming on September 10th when they received the special holiday treats from a bakery. It was a welcome break for the staff, who’ll have to continue filming throughout the Chuseok holiday.

Source: Economy Today via Nate


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