Monday, September 5, 2011

[Holiday Hook-Up] A Very SHINee Beginning! YunHaNam! subbed

A Very SHINee Beginning
Let's take a look at what SHINee was like in the beginning and see how much they have changed....and you just might be surprised at how much they have NOT changed too!
High point of the first episode of  Shinee's YunHaNam? Just how nervous all the boys were! I know its highly scripted, but you just can't fake this stuff!

Onew such a gentleman!

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High Point of Episode 2? Key gets a noona wet? Watch and see!!!!

Onew Sangtae!!!

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High Point of Episode 3? Awwwww holding hands and couple headbands!!!

Key...jelly much? Spray that Jjong down like a dog! kekeke
The beginnings of JongKey? hmmmmmm

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Episode 4 Taemin's eyes make him a good son? AND get him a date? Aishhhh!

Key has an inspirational moment...I think it makes him who he is today.

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Episode 5 and Key is already the Umma! Poor maknae, how his hyungs torture him.
The first appearance of Onew's sangtae song! LOL!

Have you ever seen the clip where Key imitates Taemin? *blink blink*
Don't miss it here! *prayer hands*blink blink*

Episode 6 Don't miss JongKey cuddling in bed! 9:00!
This is not my favorite noona but, anyway....>.>

Everyone into the pool!!! That meanie noona!!!

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Thanks to SHINee Subs!

Okies friends and fans, thats the first 6 episodes, they are a fun and fast watch, the rest follow so don't miss them! I hope you have enjoyed this Holiday Hook-UP!
Lets end with SHINee's debut stage! Ahnung!!!

This clip is pre-debut, kind of a practice stage shortly before their official on air debut.

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And a debut stage.

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Enjoy a lot!!! ^.^

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