Thursday, September 15, 2011

SHINee's Minho wins a car on Dream Team! A Fan Account

Wow!!!! Congrates Minho!!!!
The Dream Team

So handsome!

The Fan Account:
[Fan Account] Minho at Dream Team 110915

Baby was very cute while waiting for his turn. Currently they are on lunch break. Minho got knocked accidentally while doing the 1st challenge during the morning recording session. He was a little upset & depressed, luckily he’s ok….. However he seems to be in a better mood after a change of clothes. That’s a good boy. Have fun but protect yourself.
The afternoon recording session has started. He is ok, not sure how his injured rumors started. Minho said he was more disappointed after getting eliminated the 1st time. He was well prepared but made a mistake but there’s still another opportunity & he will try his best to be the winner today. The MC joked that maybe he’s nervous because of the prize. The winner will get a car!!
His 2nd attempt was a success! It’s been a while since seeing him so emotional that his eyes were brimming with tears. His first sentence after his successful attempt was “Thank you to the fans whom have come & support me”. The world’s most precious Choi Minho You are the best.
With regards to the morning recording session, Minho was in between 2 moving obstacles when he fell face down into the waters. His face was slightly hit but nothing serious. He said his waist hurts & a medical plaster was applied. There weren’t any problem at the beginning of the afternoon session but he may have triggered it during his 2nd attempt & the pain started again. The medical doctor on the scene was called & he sprayed the pain relief spray & minho also went to the tent for acupuncture treatment. Everyone, please do not worry too much, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now Minho has appeared again for fan-service. He just have to be very careful during the final.
When Minho being eliminated: Minho was eliminated. He came down & said calmly, “I have no regrets as I did my best. I have become more mature through Dream Team. I will also continue to work hard to become a better man”
When Minho won a car: Firstly let me have a good laugh. Hahaha he failed in the 1st final round. He was first in the 2nd time & won the car! He was so happy that he did a victory run & even shouted Umma. He has wanted a car for a while but his father said he’s still young & wouldn’t get him one now he won a car. Hahaha~ Baby won’t be able to sleep tonight. Ps- When the suggestion of a re-match was brought up Choi Minho went nuts. Who said he became more mature. Liar.
Credit: Minhoney @ Weibo
English Translation: Eimanjjong
Source: shineeworldindonesia

A few fancams

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source: remina @ DC

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A VERY happy Minho and his new car!

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Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Wow! :O He must piss the other contestants off :D He's not on forever, then comes on and wins the car!
    LMAO I was gonna say! 'I have become more mature through Dream Team.' MINHO, YOU LIAR. I've watched every episode of DT and you are forever a pouty 5yo loser :P Lucky that you win so often..!

    PS. Nice banana shot....

  2. OMG, My Minho won a car, I am so proud of him but wow, he look soooooo hot and sexy in these videos, *faints*, lol