Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Updated Info] SHINee's New Lucifer - Her Whisper is the Lucifer

Ahhhhh My apologies, apparently there was some miss communications on several sites concerning the release of a new Lucifer video. Will update/re-post when better info is available. 

 A look back at one of SHINee's best Lucifer performances.
I'd like to say this song is one of my favorites, and it is, but honestly, how can I choose?
Pretty much anything SHINee has touched is golden, from RePlay to Kiss Kiss Kiss.
I love it all, every cracked high note to every exciting long note.
This Gayo Daejun performance from 101229 is probably my all time favorite if I have to pick one. It was a magical time for SHINee and for me.
SHINee at their bishonen best.
The picture posted above was from the same night.

Uploaded by on Dec 30, 2010
Oh I know....there were mic problems and not everyone loved the f(x)  interference, I for one, loved every minute.


  1. I like this performance toooo!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I can't wait for the new Lucifer either!!! I already pre-ordered my MIND-NUMBINGLY expensive JP versions! *\o/*

    Like you say, how can one choose?, but Lucifer is definitely very close to being my fave, if for nothing else, Taemin doing the choreo! I just organized some more of my folders today and I have 70 fancams of Taemin doing Lucifer and 57 cams of SHINee altogether. Safe to say I love it^^

    LOL When I read this I was like, 'Was f(x) in this???' :D I completely forgot! (I prefer it f(x)-less though) Must be the image of chained up Taemin messing with my head! sasfggfagfadafgs

  3. My apologies, apparently there is to be NO teaser/video from EMI for Lucifer. I was miss informed.