Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Drama "Vampire Prosecutor" Teases with Its First Trailer

A new Sci-Fi Kdrama? Sweet!
And vampyric in genre.....*chuckles darkly*
I hope sparkles are not involved >.< 

New Drama "Vampire Prosecutor" Teases with Its First Trailer

by: hazelnutthursdays on Sep 14, 2011
Upcoming drama “Vampire Prosecutor” starring Yeon Jung Hoon has released its first teaser trailer in anticipation of its premiere on October 2.  The drama revolves around Yeon’s vampire character who is also a prosecutor and works to solve mysteries and investigates crimes.
“Vampire Prosecutor” marks the drama comeback of the actor whose last TV role was in 2010’s medical drama “Jejoongwoon.”  Yeon is also known as actress Han Ga In’s real-life husband.
“Vampire Prosecutor” also stars Lee Young Ah, who likewise marks her small-screen comeback with the series.  She comes back to TV after her appearance in 2010’s ratings giant “Baker Kim Tak Goo.”
The sci-fi-mystery series will air on cable channel OCN, on the 11:00 PM KST time slot.

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Video credit: CJENMMEDIA @YT

*sharpens fangs with a Ferengi tooth sharpener*
Enjoy! ^.~

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