Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Music Radar! Is back!!! Super Junior the last Men Standing!!! Superman!

Did you miss My Music Radar! ?
Back with one of the best songs of the year, Super Junior's Superman.

Have you seen this video yet?
I dunno why but this song hits me deep and hard, its got all those things that make me sit up and take notice.
Dark and melodic it draws you in, mesmerizes you with a heavy beat and releases you at the end spent and satisfied.
Narcissistic? Definitely! How much do I care? Not at all. I just can't not listen to this song!
should I pluck the stars for you, count them
one, two, three
with the stars we've lost
we are thirteen stars

Uploaded by on Aug 26, 2011
Subbed Romanized and HD!

Uploaded by on Aug 7, 2011
Oh SME is def cashing in and took the opportunity to release Ver B but what can I say? We fans asked for it and SME gave it to us.
I'm NOT going to complain about the video as I have seen so many outraged ELF's and fans do. Why? Quite frankly I'm all about the music, the video is just eye candy and gravy, no matter what its still Super Junior in action. Not to mention the BTS's of Mr. Simple is just freaking UNF!
Enjoy! and Enjoy the return of MMR!
Oh yes....look forward to one of my fav "corners" of MMR! "The Holiday Hook-Up"
This weekend!

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