Thursday, July 7, 2011

[Holiday Hook-Up] Infinite Sesame Player Season 2 subbed!

Soooo friends and fans, Infinite's Seseme Player Season 2 has been subbed! And its sooooo worth the wait!
Remember the teaser I posted? No? well here you go!

YouTube Credit:
Oh its sooo good! The boys hatch a plan to escape for 1 day from all the rehearsals and trappings of idoldom and get to act like freemen for a day. Of course this puts the managers into panic mode and must now go and hunt the boys down one by one. Kinda like Running Man! But the fun doesn't even end there! Secrets are reveled! Sungjongie sleeping with a teddy bear that he also likes to abuse! Intrigued? I thought so...kekeke
Here is the link for YouTube, make sure your auto play is on and it will flow nicely through all 5 parts.
MNet Sesame Player S2 - Infinite

Wanna watch it here? Here ya gooooo!

Never ending Thanks to INSPIRITSUBS who have done such an awesome job!!!

Enjoy a lot!!! ^.^

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