Saturday, September 3, 2011

MuCore 110903 - Infinite - Teen Top- MBLAQ-I see it now!!!

Okay I get it now, I dunno why but MBLAQ's 'I don't Know' had to grow on me, it was so hard to see them as cute, but Mir and Thunder's little antics at the end of their performance had me laughing out loud! 나도 몰라
So freakin cute!!!!! I see it now! ^.^

Infinite looked awesome this week with a fantastic 'stringed' ReMix of Be Mine

I was sooo happy to see a report on Allkpop that Yoon Jong Shin was tweeting with Teen Top! With all the recent bad press over the lyrics of No More Perfume it was awesome to see Jong Shin Oppa veteran singer and composer complimenting and supporting Teen Top! Their tweets were so cute! You rock Oppa!

Thanks to for all of today's video

Yoon Jong Shin compliments TEEN TOP on ‘Don’t Spray Perfume’


Enjoy a lot!!! ^.^

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  1. Thanks for the links, Stormy^^
    I'm totally in love with Perfume in all it's morally questionable glory :D Still super catchy, and as I say, if I didn't have a cutie pie already, Chunji and his sickening amount of aegyo would definitely be a winner^^ And today his tight pants make up for his slightly weird hair!