Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[INFO] 110920 KEY’s Birthday Party Detail

[INFO] 110920 KEY’s Birthday Party Detail

Screen shot from SHINee SMTOWN webpage :)
~Full Translation:
I am a SHINee staff.
On 2011 Sept 23th, there will be an event called “Surprise Birthday Party!!” to celebrate 21th birthday for the talented singer Key from Shining Shinee.

Since the venue for Surprise Birthday Party is small, we will restrict the number of people up to 100, so please under stand that.
If you want to join for the birthday party, you need to check the instruction below and it will be first on, first serve.
Please write on the application form the date, time and format accordingly.

[Shinee talented singer Key <3 - Surprise Birthday Party!!]

*Time: 2011 Sept 22th (Thurs) 8pm (it will be!! but it can be changed.)
*Venue: S.M.Entertainment Company at Apgujung-dong, Seoul”
Annyeong Chingus ^_^ For those lucky to be able to attend this event the application form is on the SHINee SMTOWN official webpage :) There are only 100 fans that are able to attend since the venue is small :/ For those going have an amazing time ^^ and for the Shawols who are unable to go (like myself) we should all still celebrate, cheer, support and wish for Key oppa ^_^
생일 축하 키오빠 <3 <3 – shashawol
Credit: SMTOWN Source: weibo, My Jinki The 1st Malaysian Onew Fan site.
Translation: 감 희진 ^^(my korean friend >_<) ㅋㅋㅋ


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