Monday, September 12, 2011

Jonghyun's new solo performance in Singapore

Okies I saw a lot of comments about this performance before I actually heard it. Mostly that fans couldn't understand what he was singing. Apparently it wasn't until half way through the song that they realized he was singing in English.
I finally saw a good video of it and well, I kinda understand what the fans are saying. I'm surprised as Jjong's English is usually not too bad, but when I searched out the song he took it from, well, it was kinda hard to understand that one too. During a Muzits show last year Jjong said he likes high reedy voices, and he's certainly capable of singing like that, the guys range and voice is legend after all. Anyway, here ya go if you have not seen it yet.

Uploaded by on Sep 12, 2011
You can certaily hear the similarities from Maxwell's version.

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Here are the lyrics in Kate Bush's version

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So here is where my mind goes.....did Jonghyun sing this song for the voice range?
Or was it the lyrics?
I have my own ideas............^.^

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