Saturday, September 17, 2011

SHINee To Russia With Love - New Jongkey and 2Min

SHINee To Russia With Love

 Jongkey To Russia With Love
Key's airport fashion - Life Imitates Art
2Min and Jongkey - Onew forever alone
Baby Baby Baby
 Jjong really is a beautiful boy...
 uhhhh ohhhhhhhh
 Who ticked off the Diva? RUN!!!!!!!
 opps? OH Taemin!  ~.~
Fixed the skirt?
Yeah......Umma helped

Bonus Jongkey
Ohhh gotta love that Diva pout!!!
Always in their own little 'SHINee World'
Enjoy! ^.^
Okies so I joked about Taemin's wardrobe malfunction above and now I found a video of it.
While performing Lucifer Taemin's manskirt shawl that the cordy had tied around his waist started slipping off. What a trooper! He keeps dancing while trying to hold it up, though it did eventually come off completely.
Poor thing...its both funny and painful to watch >.<

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cr: Lucifer0512
Just for the record, I adore the outfit! If only it had worked!
When the Diva gets pissy....

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Still being fussy lol

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  1. what is Taemin wearing? a skirt? LOL

  2. Madi, looks like due to those lovely pants being so revealing *coughtaeminbulgecough* he needed to cover up O.o
    Apparently there was a wardrobe malfunction and the cordy just tossed a sweater around his waist >.<