Saturday, September 10, 2011

MuCore 110910-Teen Top says Good Bye - UKISS - MBLAQ - Super Junior

Awwww I am gonna so miss Teen Top, my babies are growing up so fast!
Saying good bye with this lovely ballad will hopefully put to bed
some of the negativity over the lyrics of No Perfume.
Niels HAIR!!! He has a pony!!! gahhhhhh!!!

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Todays idols really need to be athletes, the dancing bar has been raised by groups like SHINee and Infinite, but UKISS seems to be measuring up quite nicely in that department. Oh cute.
UKISS on the come back trail with Neverland

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MBLAQ - I Don't Know - If Mir gets any cuter I dunno what I'm gonna do!!!
Update: I just read on MBLAQATTACK that this is a good bye stage, so they can concentrate on Japan promotions! Sad, I was just starting to love this song.

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And last but certainly not least, Super Junior's Mr. Simple
Sadly...Super Junior finally fits on the stage....

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Enjoy! ^.^

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