Thursday, September 15, 2011

INFINITE to release repackaged album, to promote new track produced by Sweetune

INFINITE to release repackaged album, to promote new track produced by Sweetune

With the end of their “Be Mine” promotions from their 1st official album ‘Over The Top’, INFINITE fans have been eagerly awaiting news of their repackaged album.
On September 15th, the release date of their repackaged album was announced through INFINITE’s official fan cafe.
This is INFINITE’s fanclub manager.
I have an announcement regarding the good news that INSPIRITs have been waiting for.
September 26th, 2011!!!!! INFINITE’s ‘Repackaged Album’ will be released.
With its level of completion and musicality, INFINITE’s 1st official album was received well by many!!
This repackaged album will contain the original songs that were so loved as well as hot new tracks that are ready to receive good feedback from all of you.
INFINITE’s 1st repackaged album was ambitiously prepared during the down time in between busy promotions for “Be Mine”!!
If INFINITE showcased a sexy and charismatic masculine image during “BE MINE”, the 7 members will show you a colder and even stronger transformation this time around, so have high expectations!
We will strive to receive even more love than the immense amount of love you showed us during the 1st official album.
We ask for INSPIRITs’ interest and support.
Thank you.”
There’s no let up as INFINITE will be back to promote once more with a new track off their repackaged album, before leaving for Japanese promotions in November. The new track will also be produced by the composing team, Sweetune (Han Jaeho and Kim Seung Soo), the producers behind “Be Mine” and KARA‘s “Step”.

Source + Photos: INFINITE’s official fancafe

Enjoy! ^.^

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