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INFINITE gets classy for GQ Korea and Boom picks INFINITE for 'Boom Academy'

My babies are moving right along and gaining lots of attention!

INFINITE gets classy for GQ Korea

With the release of GQ Korea‘s October issue, fans will be delighted to see a new photospread featuring the members of INFINITE.
It seems that the stylists of this photoshoot were going for the fashionably preppy style, dressing the members in monochrome shades with  splashes of red and olive green. With creative poses on an Oriental rug with a plain white backdrop, the members deliver a chic “boys to men” concept in this photospread.
Check out the photos below!

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Boom picks INFINITE as the second generation of ‘Boom Academy’ on ‘Strong Heart’

On this week’s episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’, INFINITE’s Woohyun expressed his gratitude to Boom for his support of INFINITE.
Woohyun revealed that a few days before INFINITE received their first win, Boom had personally approached the group to deliver positive words of support. He stated, “I just wanted to say to Boom hyung that we are sincerely grateful for him cheering us on.”
Boom confessed that INFINITE caught his eyes as well as those of fellow soldier and singer Park Hyo Shin through their performances on music programs. Boom stated, “INFINITE seemed to work so hard and performed really well. Park Hyo Shin mentioned to me, ‘I think INFINITE is going to do really well.’ So after that, I continued to monitor the group, and saw their passionate performances and their fighting spirit as dancing terminators.”
He continued, “Park Hyo Shin liked to sing “Be Mine” a lot… INFINITE is a group that even Park Hyo Shin has recognized,” and launched into his immitation of the sorrowful way Park Hyo Shin sang “Be Mine”, causing laughter to break out on the set.
Boom also revealed his pick for the 2nd generation of ‘Boom Academy’, stating, “Boom Academy has our 1st generation, but we don’t have a 2nd or 3rd generation yet. So we (Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Boom) talked about it and picked INFINITE as our first choice.” He then continued, “The guy called Sungjong, I like the look he has in his eyes,” and caused the studio to roar with laughter with his demonstration of the look Sungjong’s eyes give off during his verse in “Be Mine”.
Woohyun then went on to give tips about his own special fan-service techniques, including the act of throwing hearts to fans far away, and talking to his fans as if they were his girlfriends.
Watch the hilarious moments below. (starts around 6:36)

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Funny Boom...Sungjong's lyric in 'Be Mine' was my favorite too....just something about the way he looks....

Enjoy! ^.^

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