Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Music Radar! week-end theme...Its all about Junghyun...cause I miss him so.

Sooooo another one of those times where, the week-end theme just jumps up and bites.
I am soooo missing Junghyun this week-end, Shinee as 4 is pretty awesome, but I always have this feeling that something is missing, something BIG and of course, its Jjong. His humor and voice add so much to the group.
Some of my favorite Jjong things.
When Jjong smiles...he could light up a dark room.
My other favorite expression of Jjong's? When he gets that Huh? look on his face >.<. Just too cute.

Credit as tagged
Junghyun like a Boss! From that now infamous performance of Lucifer from the 2010 GDA's. Soooo fierce!

ok I really tried to NOT involve JongKey, but.....because I miss JongKey too.
One of the sweetest JongKey videos ever.
Moment # 52 - "Undeniable"

We miss you lots Jjong! Come back soon!
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. I loved this. I miss him to Storm, Expecially now that I am watching that show you posted up of shinee. I mean I miss him, but when I started watching the show I really really realized how much I miss them all being together. They work of each other so well. I can't wait until they make a comeback and they are all on the stage together again.

  2. I so agree! They are all so close so their interactions are precious. Im hoping Jjong will be back soon.
    Stormy ^.^