Friday, March 18, 2011

MuBank-The Fashion Show! Again-Nothing's Over-Before You Go-Tonight

MuBank The Fashion Show! Oh yes friends and fans, this weeks show is all about being over the top. Sex-Taking off accessories and throwing them around, the wearing of very bright colors. Did I say Sex? oh yeah I did.
Wanna start off with the fashion show? Yeah me too. So Big Bang comes at us this week wearing colors oh so bright. G Dragon in his skirt and top hat are so eye catching I had to look twice! Is he playing Ring Leader of this color circus? I dunno but I'm lovin it. Top's half skirt and bright pink pants are totally working for me, but the best part of his outfit? The huge sparkling diamond ring, strategically placed for fine viewing. Bright orange jacket, animal print and colorful dangling epaulets round out the show. Oh yeah, don't forget to add the Triple Crown!
Big Bang-Tonight

Before you go, the intro starts with rings coming off and becoming part of the dance, Before you go and the rings get thrown away! Whats it all about after that? Sex...
TVXQ-Before You Go

Spring arrives with Infinite's voices reverberating over a spring meadow. Lots of cute winks and smiles. Ok ok Sungjong, I see you and you're grabbing my heart again. Gahhhh change can be so hard!
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

MBLAQ-Again-Bad mic placement-bad camera angles, missing almost all the high points of this performance. Fighting babies!

Winner's stage

Hope you enjoyed this weeks circus show, I know I did!
Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for this weeks videos!


  1. Loved TVXQ, Big Bang and Infinite... TVXQ was incredibly sexy... rawr! Lol...
    Infinite fighting!

  2. Wow, I totally enjoyed all of the videos.

    Big Bang I love them with a little color on. They should wear color more often. I mean Top's pink pants were just great. He really make pink look very manly. What can I say about GD I just love his man skirts. He looks so cute in them. He looks cute in just about everything, well at least thats what I think,lol.I thought the rest of the guy looked good too. I just love seeing them perform. I just can't wait for them to do cafe more.

    Tvxq was very very very sexy in there performance. I really enjoyed there dancing and I thought that there sing was ok. I mean I have heard them sing better than that, but I still thought they were good.I really like the song though.

    Infinite I am truly enjoying there comeback right now. I really like the song they are sing right now. It is a very nice song. I think that there performance is really good too. There danceing is great and I just think that they are so cute. I really like there voices too. They are just such cute babies. I get a little sad when I see them performing though. They makes me miss seeing Teen Top and Shinee. I can't wait to see them have a comeback soon.

    Mblaq what can I say about them. They are really haveing a tough time right now. I mean what was up with there mics and come on camera crew you could have done much better. I also miss seeing thunders abs. Why did they take that out. Please Mblaq get it together, I know you guys are much better than this. Fighting Mblaq Fighting!!
    Thanks Storm for the great info as always.