Monday, March 21, 2011

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Suju's Leader reply's to the recent press conference comments.

We’ve received reports that the Korean media had mistranslated Hangeng’s comments. Leeteuk’s comments, therefore, were a response to the incorrect content.
Hangeng’s original comments were: “Last time, I also had the experience of objects being thrown on stage. Luckily, it did not hit me. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore.”
The interviewer asked: “So would you give him a call and ask how he is later on?” Hangeng replied, “I will definitely call and ask. Why was he so careless, getting himself hit [by something] by other people.
Original video can be viewed here.

My Music Radar! Is sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

Leeteuk tweets in reply to Hangeng’s comments about Super Junior

Hallyu idol and Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, revealed his feelings about former member Hangeng on behalf of the whole team.
Recently, Hangeng held a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng“. During the interview, a reporter asked, “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured by a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”
Hangeng replied, “I didn’t know. I should call and make sure he is okay.” However, he quickly added, “Actually, I did attempt several times to get in contact… but they ignored my calls,” shocking the public with his controversial answer.
On March 21st, Lee Teuk shared his thoughts about the situation through his Twitter. He tweeted, “The door is always open. There is always an empty seat left for you.” He added, “It would be nice if you told the truth. We have never let go of your hand. I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We are Super Junior!! Still, I wish you happiness,” showing his disappointment towards the situation.
Netizens commented, “I feel so sad for Super Junior”, “Definitely leader-like. Very cool”, and “Hangeng…He’s doing well.”
Source: Newsen


  1. Why do people always look for something bad these days. I don't think that he meant for that comment to sound like that, but leave it to the netizens to blow this thing out of control.

  2. Hey Md/Dasiey, for once it was not the 'netizens' apparently the comments were mis-translated between Chinese and Korean, so Teuk was only responding to what was reported to him. I'm so glad it was straightened out because though Hangeng left Super Junior, Super Junior never left him, like Teukie said, "We never let go of your hand" Which sounds much more like the truth to me. Again sorry for any confusion.
    Stormy ^.^