Saturday, March 19, 2011

MuCore is special this week! Far East Movement! Omo! Infinite comes back and MBLAQ says Good Bye!

Whats BIG this week on Music Core? Omo! Its Far Est Movement! Seriously! I had to look twice! Okay this performance is painfully missing Ryan Tedder, but its still EPIC! Up Up here we Go Go!
Far East Movement - Rocketeer

Now back to our regularly scheduled show ^.^
Infinite is back! Okay this song is growing on me a bit, who can resist all those big smiles and cute winks? I find myself humming this song at the weirdest times kekekeke
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

Awww no bright colors today, I kind of enjoyed that yesterday! Ohhh but GD still has the top hat so its all good! LOL? The last 2 days the guitar has won!
Big Bang-Tonight

Yahhhhhhh TVXQ...hbdf;ougfb:Chdgfp...any one have a cigarette? Its pron...
TVXQ-Before you go

This is really one of MBLAQ's best performances for this song...too bad its a good bye stage. Fighting babies! I <3 you too Joonie! MBLAQ-Again
SHINee MC cuts

Thanks to CrazyCarrot270 for all the videos (except Far East Movement) this week.
Watch fast and Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Oh I really like that Big Bang stage. Very nice little nautical theme the guys have going there. Only GD and TOP can pull off an edgy version of such a preppy theme... lol. Still loving the smoldering looks GD throws at the camera during the guitar break but those guitars are really getting the best of him... lol. Btw, what was up w/ Taeyang? He seemed out of breath-ish.
    As for MBlaq... still not feeling it. GO's voice has been breaking and sounding pitchy a lot recently... wonder if he's super tired? He needs to rest.

  2. Ok, I likes that song from Far East Movement.

    Infinite is so cute. I just love this song, it is so pure,lol. Once again they have put on a very wonderful performance.

    As always Big Bang was great, I do miss the colors they had on the other day too. I laughed a little when GD lost the battle with the gutiar again. I really am enjoying there comeback though.

    Tvxq what can you say about there performance except for the fact it is realy really really sexy. I like the performance a little more than the song now,lol.

    Mblaq now that is how your suppose to perform. I really enjoyed that performance. You guys were great. Now when they comeback with there next song they need to be that strong and they will win every time. Fighting Mblaq Fighting!!!! Miss you Mir!!!!