Saturday, March 26, 2011

MuCore-TVXQ-Big Bang and Infinite! SHINee MC cuts- Z:EA's Blind dance

GD! The guitar lost!!!
Big Bang-Tonight

Infinite-Nothings Over

TVXQ-Before You Go-I am disappoint >.< Something is
MC cuts-ohhh Easter colors!

music video credit:shu101224
mc video credit:BberiBubbles
picture cap credit:StormofStarzZ2

Z:EA NOT my bias, but, credit where its due, the 'Blind Dance' was the talk of the interwebs yesterday, and they released a rehearsal video, bias or not, that dance is impressive. LOVE! that bobblehead bounce at the end.

Enjoy! ^.^



  1. Yes!!!! I am so happy right now. GD finally beat the gutair. I know what I said last time to him would work,lol. As always Big Band was great. I just can't get enoough of them right now. Fighting Big Bang Fighting!!!

    Is it just me but Infinite was so on point. They look so cute, they were dancing perfectly and there singing was just great. Fighting Infinite Fighting!!!

    I totatlly agree Storm Tvxq was off or something. I just can't put my finger on it but they weren't all there in this performance.

    Ok,I have to admit that was a really cool dance. I mean I have never see a blind dance before.

  2. @Dasiey, I know, not sure whats up with TVXQ, maybe they're just tired. O.o