Saturday, March 5, 2011

This Just In! SuJu's Heechul injured during “Super Show 3 in Shanghai” concert by a fan! T_T

I can't even....don't even know....appears to be a minor cut to his FACE?
When will fans learn?

Super Junior’s Heechul injured by fan at “Super Show 3 in Shanghai” concert

On March 5th, Super Junior held their “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai, but unfortunately, they were exposed to another incident where a member was injured by a fan.
Last time, member Yesung was hit by a projectile as he was crossing the stage; this time, it was Heechul who got hurt, as a fan’s placard hit him in the face while he was in the midst of performing.
After being hit, Heechul was forced to briefly pause and cover his face, but eventually walked off stage without being able to lift his face. There were reports that he suffered a cut to his eye, but both Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and miss A’s Jia assured fans that he was okay.
Sangchu tweeted, “Super Junior fans!  I just got off the phone with Heechul and he said not to worry, it’s a bit manly to have at least one cut on his face.  He may say that, but I think he’s upset and having a difficult time… Please don’t throw anything on stage!  Heechul’s Twitter said not to.”

Please, please, (and we can’t say this enough), PLEASE respect your idols and do not throw items at them while they’re on stage. They’re not animals at the zoo.
Tip: Haley
Image: Star News

I can just IMAGINE how upset he is...I'm DAMN upset!!!!!


  1. I am quite upset too!!! what was that fan thinking?

  2. Apparently NOT thinking....I'm just fuming!!!
    I did just read that he is back at the hotel resting now, which is good. I'm hoping he feels well enough to maybe send the fans a tweet.

  3. What is WRONG with ppl??? Why would you throw some random crap on the stage? I get that they were probably trying to "give" him some useless thing, but really? I guess they're happy now that his lovely face will be scarred. (Well, actually I'm hoping that there's some miracle cream or something that will prevent that - but STILL!) When will ppl learn?