Friday, March 11, 2011

MuBank-Big Bang-Tonight-Teen Top-Supa Luv-MBLAQ-Again

MuBank and of course Big Bang wins amid many protest from the fandom for everything from the scores to the stage lighting.
Big Bang-Tonight


Teen Top-Supa Luv-Good Bye Stage-Miss you my babies! Hurry Back!

Big Bang Back Stage

Winners Stage

Thanks to UnknownCarott170 for all of today's videos
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Well, Big Bang was great as always and I just love Top's voice. I can't wait for them tp perform cafe more. I love that song. G-dragon and Top's voices are just amazing in that song.

    Mblaq was great are usual and I think that they are getting better everybay. They look sexy, sound sexy, and there performance was sexy. I just need one thing from Mblaq, I need Mir back. Fighting Mir!!!!!!

    Teen Top what can I say about them. I just love, love , love ,love, love ,love them. I love there performance, I love there outfits and I just love there all around cute, but sexiness,lol. I am so sad right now that this was there goodbyeperformance of super luv :(. I actually cried when the song was over. I can't wait until there comeback to the stage. Fighting Teen Top Fighting

    Thank You Storm for always give just the best info.

  2. My pleasure as always, I must admit, I got a little misty eyed as well for my Teen Top babies, I hope they will be back soon with another awesome song for us!
    Stormy ^.^

  3. Awww Big Bang is the best... I'll definitely miss Teen Top. Can't wait to see them make another comeback with a new single and I hope it's soon!