Saturday, March 5, 2011

SHINee's Taemin chases away nightmares with a cute Good Night to fans!

Well known to my family and close friends is the fact that I live pretty much on Korean time, that is, I'm a night owl. Its early morning in Korea as I post this lovely message from Taemin, telling us to go to bed and get good rest so we can be beautiful. Ahhh now we know how he maintains his Goddess complexion!
Taemin's Good Night Star Call


[eng trans] Taemin :: Good Night Star Call 110305 -

Goodnight sweet heart ! <3 Translations: Everyone it’s already late night ~ Pretty ladies please sleep more! So sleep ealier, hope that everyone’s complexion will get better, be prettier ya?! So this is Maknae Taemin’s message~ it’s getting late so goodnight! Chinese trans credit: baidu , chi-eng credit: forever_shinee 5th admin

Could he be any cuter?
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Ok, that was so cute!!!! Taemin is just adorable!

  2. :hugs him:
    sooooooo cute!

  3. He is such a diva ;-)