Friday, March 4, 2011

Teen Top still performs after what appears to be a minor car accident!

Ya know?......My babies just have to STOP doing this to me!!!
Scaring the life outta me....seriously!
Of course I am glad they are ok, but just a quick glance over the headlines was enough to have my heart in my throat!
I'm just so glad they are alright. T_T

TEEN TOP involved in a car accident, still determined to appear on ‘Music Bank’

On March 4th at 8:30am, TEEN TOP got into a car accident in Yeoido, Seoul.

Their represtentative explained,

“[The members] were on their way to their KBS ‘Music Bank‘ dry rehearsal, when they were they were rear-ended by a Volvo sedan. Immediately after the accident, however, TEEN TOP went on to complete their ‘Music Bank’ rehearsal and filming for a pre-scheduled Mnet program. At around 3:00pm, they received treatment at a hospital in the Yeoido area.

Although some of the members are experiencing neck and knee pains, and should rest at the hospital, they wanted to appear on their promised live broadcast and will be receiving thorough examinations [after the show].“

TEEN TOP has returned to the broadcasting station to prepare for their performance on ‘Music Bank’ tonight. Since the boys will be performing difficult dance moves for “Supa Luv A” – including their ‘Matrix’ dance -, many fans have expressed concern as to whether they would be able to complete them safely tonight.

Stay tuned to allkpop for coverage on their performance later on tonight!

Source: OSEN via Nate

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