Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Onew leaves a message for fans on the just opened Japan website!

Shinee is preparing for their debut in Japan with the opening of their Japan website!

Onew’s message on Japan website !

After the news of SHINee opening their Japan Website, SHINee’s Leader Onew started it off by posting an official message on their Japan Website.
Check out what he said to his fans!
“Hello, Everyone~.
This is SHINee’s Leader, Onew ^▽^
Is everyone fine even though the cold weather is still continuing?
Please be careful and not to catch a cold ~
everyone~ “health is no.1”
Today, I’m going to show you 1 picture from the event.
Please wait for me ~ ^^ I’m still going to upload more pictures~ ^▽^”
Just like what Onew has said, Remember to take good care of your health!(:
Source: SHINee JP Official Mobile Website
Credit & English Translation: winkme @ soompi
Via Dkpopnews
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  1. Onew is cute, It is always nice to see that the kpop groups care about there fans.