Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drama Update: Kim Bum and GQ Korea

Okies so some friends and myself are watching "The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry" which I happen to think is one of Kim Bum's finest performances. If you love Kdrama and have not seen it, check it out! Kim Bum's smile is killer! Here he transforms into 'Ken'? Okay, he IS a living doll ^.~

Kim Bum transforms into a modern ‘Ken’ for ‘GQ Korea’

Kim Bum turned into a ‘dandy’ for men’s lifestyle magazine, ‘GQ Korea‘.
The actor had previously won the ‘Ken award’ at the ‘2010 Barbie & Ken Awards‘ for best representing Korea’s ‘Ken’ with his sparkling skin and small face.
On March 24th, the star revealed his GQ photoshoot, which tried to capture Ken’s fashion sense throughout the years, but with a modern twist. In the revealed shots, Kim Bum is wearing modern ‘dandy’ suits, with his hairstyle rivaling that of James Dean’s.
A representative for ‘GQ Korea’ stated, “Ken has many images that were shown in fashion as well as in movies, so we were inspired by him to reinterpret the popular and well-recognized actor, Kim Bum“.
Kim Bum is currently reviewing synopses for a new role.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. OMG, I am loving these pics. Kim Bum is so cute. His smile just killes me everytime I see it. I am loving him in The women that still want to marry, but lookong forward to the next role that he decideds to do. I mean who wouldn't chose him for a role. I know I would, lol. Thanks storm for introducing me to him and the drama!

  2. Soooo glad you're enjoying it! It's a great little story isn't it? I love how the three friends get along ^.^

  3. AWwwwwwww! :swoon:
    That smile!