Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Picture Of Super Junior Heechuls Injury

Super Junior’s Heechul receives hospital treatment for his facial injury

Super Junior’s Heechul was hit with an LED board while performing at the “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai, and it’s being reported that he visited a hospital immediately upon his return to Korea.
Because the injury happened the day before Heechul was to celebrate his sixth year anniversary, fans expressed their disappointment with the turn of events.
On the afternoon of March 6th, Heechul had tweeted, “After this wound, I hope that not once, ever again, will anything fly towards the stage. I’m not hurt, glad, mad, or happy.”
His friend Defconn also tweeted, “Our Space Big Star Hee-nim! It’s his sixth anniversary today since he’s debuted!! Injured on such a joyful day T_T  Please RT and hope that he gets better quickly!
A representative of SM Entertainment spoke with Star News on the morning of the 7th and revealed, “Heechul’s face was scratched by an LED board a fan threw to him as a present. Immediately upon his arrival in Korea, he was taken to a hospital in Seoul.  Thankfully, his examination results proved that it wasn’t a serious injury.”
Source: Star News via Nate
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  1. OMG. That injury is no joke. Heechul needs some high IU Vitamin E oil RIGHT NOW up in there to reduce scarring. (Sorry Heechul that I don't have any other way to pass on this info...but maybe you are totally cool and stop into this blog every now and again ^_^) If it leaves a scar, aside from the fact that I know his makeup artists will deal with that quite skillfully, cocoa butter works wonders for reducing redness and stretched skin.

  2. This is just AMAZING to me. My mouth is just hanging open. The things that fans do without thinking just boils my blood. WTH.

    Anything else I might say would be totally unproductive, so I'll shut up now. *steaming*

  3. @reddrogue @Stephe And to make matters worse....on the way to the airport, fans rear ended them, I guess hurting Heenim wasn't enough.
    btw Redd that's awesome advice!