Thursday, March 24, 2011

M! Countdown-A double dose of Big Bang! Rawr!

Okies friends and fans...slim pickins this week, BUT to make up for that, there is a double dose of Big Bang! What could be better? Not much....kekeke
Next week promises to be better with some debuts and comebacks! Rawr!
Ohhh GD...could you be any cute? I think not. Splashes of color high lite this performance of 'Somebody to Love' Make it bounce-Make it bounce....o.O

Ohhhh TOP! Some new hair...GD the guitar keeps winning >.< but ohhh my that Dragon faaaaAAAAaaace! Damn you Diva!!! Yes I bought the whole damn album on iTunes yesterday! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee!* Tonight.
Wheesung wins this week, his thank you is soooo cute!

Many thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of this weeks videos.

Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Wow... Big bang wasn't even in the running? That's a shock! Next time, cuties... next time. :)

  2. Oh, GD you are just simply cute. I love the pink today,it is just the perfect touch of color. I just love these guys right know. Fighting Big Bang Fighting!!!!!
    Really GD I need you to smash that gutiar like you mean it next time,ok,lol!!!!!