Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New American-Korean group making waves! Aziatix

New American-Korean group making waves! Take a look and listen to this new group who sounds and looks most promising! The Full Single is now available on iTunes.

Our hit-o-meter just exploded! Get ready for new group, Aziatix!
By Phil on 23 March 2011
We would be lying if we said we weren’t excited about this upcoming group!
We were sent some teasers from Aziatix‘s agency of their debut song, Go and we must say, we’re extremely excited for this upcoming group. Comprised of three talented members, they write and produce their own songs and also are very familiar within the music industry. The group consists of Flowsik from New York, Eddie Shin from Boston, and Nicky Lee from L.A.
Here’s what we’re told about the members:
Rapper Flowsik – Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, has performed extensively on the local underground hip-hop scene. Over the years, he’s steadily built his reputation with lyrics drawn from various experiences of his youth.  He has also worked with JYJ for their debut album, The Beginning.
Eddie Shin - Made his debut in Korea with self-produced album entitled <JUST MY WAY>. Eddie’s style is based on original R&B, where he mixes distinct R&B with Asian style that came from his experience performing onstage in Korea. Eddie is known for his impressive vocal tone.
Nicky Lee – Born and raised in LA, Nicky is a leading male vocalist with five solo albums released in Taiwan.  His accolades in Asia includes winning “Best Male Singer” at “The Golden Melody Awards” in 2007 and  “Best Male Artist” by Channel [V] in 2010.  Nicky Lee is a pop vocalist with roots in R&B and Soul.
They will be hitting up New York for a concert soon, so stick around and we will let you know once we have details!
But for now, check out their MV teaser! Hits us in all the right places!

Also check out the article from Koreaboo about them debuting in New York!

Thanks to Diva for introducing me to Aziatix!!!
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. I am so loving this group right now. The song Go is simple the best. I have told everyone that I know to buy it and listen to it. I wish them all the luck and like I said on there FB page, I am a fan for life.

  2. Yata! I am a fan for life tooooooo! I am telling lots of fans too. I keep playing it after I bought it on iTunes! ^.^

  3. i love them and their song!
    plz come & join our page:)