Thursday, March 17, 2011

M! Countdown-Big Bang, Triple Crowns!-Infinite, Come Back Stage! MBLAQ continues with Again-Something Completely Different!

Big Bang expected, we all knew this would happen, whats up with the guitar smashing? I thought they were taking this out of the performance this week. I was kinda looking forward to seeing what they were going to do instead.....oh well, still great!
Big Bang-Tonight

Infinite Comes Back! That didn't take long! Lovely and refreshing performance. I guess they will stay on my music radar for now, I love to see a rookie group grow and change. My one big disappointment? It almost hurts to see SungJong smiling so big, looks a little awkward and forced, half his charm was his attitude and with that platinum blonde hair, you didn't have to search for him. Now its almost like..."Look at me!" "See me?" Poor baby...
Infinite-Shot+Nothing's Over

MBLAQ-Again-Again...again...I wish they could be a little more consistent,don't get me wrong, I LOVE MBLAQ, but its like a different performance every week, but not in a good way. Everyone was getting use to Thunder's 'thunder abs', unfortunately they didn't make a showing this week. Whats up with that?

Todays winner stage

And now for..."Something Completely Different"
I know I know, I don't cover girl groups much, but quite frankly, I can't afford the dentist bills >.< Seriously, they usually are just too sweet for my taste. That said I did take the time to check out Kan Mi Yeon. Originally from Baby V.O.X. she has been solo since 2006. Actually I find Paparazzi quite entertaining, catchy and unique! Have a listen and see what you think!
Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of this weeks videos.
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Really enjoyed Infinite's comeback stage. Very cute, boys!
    Big Bang, of course, killed it...
    I have to admit... I'm not really a fan of MBlaq's "Again". I find everything about it to be boring. I haven't watched a performance of the show in awhile...Shhhh don't tell anyone! :x

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed seeing Infinites comeback. They all look so cute. I liked there performance and I like the song too.
    Big Bang was really good as always. I just love to see them perform. Mblaq just keep on fighting!

  3. I have to say I cannot get into any of the songs by the women/girls in Korea. Except that one song by Lee Hyori, because she doesn't sound or look like she's trying to be 12. Also Genie by SNSD and that's only because I saw Key dancing it so many times. So maybe if I see Key doing the dance for this song 2389473 times, I'll like this song too! :)