Monday, March 21, 2011

Teen Top asks us not to cheat! No chance chance!

Awwww I just found this while making my kpop rounds and they are sooooo cute!
No way will I cheat! They all have my heart now ^.~

Their english is not bad!

oh okay I guess this will be a bit of a Teen Top spam.....any complaints? I didn't think so ^.^
Found this rather nice vid of Niel in rehearsal.

From earlier this month Teen Top on Pops in Seoul, an awesome video showing the babies working hard! Omo, I just wanna make them some nice hot Kimchi stew after watching this!

Lastly, a performance from last year in the now infamous silver cyborg wigs!

Okies, hope you enjoyed! ^.^

Edit: oh wait! whats this? Oh just a lil Infinite! Wae? Cause I damn well can! Thats wae! kekekeke AND because I miss Sungjong's blonde hair, and his attitude ~.~


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  1. Ok, it was so great seeing Teen Top. I miss them so much, but these videos help so much. Thanks storm.