Thursday, March 3, 2011

MNet Countdown-Big Bang-Teen Top and MBLAQ MC's!

Let the fanwars begin! Actually fans are being far better behaved and more mature than I have seen in a long time, fans on both sides are being supportive of each other and expressing how bad they feel for MBLAQ not wining anything yet. I even saw one fan saying they would stop being a VVIP because of how the win happened this week.
Are we all getting along? 0.0

I will admit right up front, I am fairly new to Big Bang, they have been on my music radar for a long could they not? You cant go any where in kpop with out running into part of them somewhere. They are that big. AND I will admit, what I have run into, I have liked, they are just not my bias, or rather not one of them at the moment. can they win without even performing? I know that groups sometimes win not being able to perform, due to scheduling, this I understand, but they have not even started the comeback yet! BUT, win they did, my only regret is, that they went up against MBLAQ and once again it was close, so YAY to MBLAQ for that!
MBLAQ-Again- Mir didn't rap this week, I'm hoping he is resting up for the Japan debut. Joonie continues to try to strip, damn that shirt! >.< Big surprise this week? Thunder almost shows off his abs! wow!
Teen Top-Supa Luv- there is just something about watching a group get better and better every week, Yay! Ricky looks like his back is not hurting this week and Chunji NAILS that long note! Fighting my Babies!

Big Bang-preview of their comeback

MBLAQ MC'ing and the winners stage...Can I just say...Grace under Fire? (and under Mighty Mouth >.<) Could NOT have been easy for them, Fighting Babies!
Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for this weeks vids, watch fast!
Enjoy! ^.^

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