Friday, March 25, 2011

MuBank-TVXQ-Infinite and a Special Dance Battle Stage!

Okies friends and fans, not a lot but what there is, is awesome! Lets start with the sweet and work up to the hot shall we? Pink is the color of the day!
Infinite continues to promote with 'Nothings Over' and its as cute as ever, I'm soooo loving the "Cherry Blossom" stage!

Awesome Special Stage Spring Dance Battle!
Infinite, Dalmatian and Z:EA

And now for the hotness, TVXQ continues to mesmerize with this ballad that makes me think of smokey bars and glasses of wine....

TVXQ & K.Wll - Back Stage

ZE:A,Infinite,Dalmatian - Back Stage

Winners Stage

Changmin is sooo sweet to remind Yunho to thank all the Cassies!!!
Thanks to UnknownCarrot170 for all of todays videos.

Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. Well, It is great to see Infinite. They are so cute. I just love watching then perform. I so like the Cherry BLossom stage too. I really like there outfit in this pereformance. They look younger, fresher, and they look a lot more confortable too. I like the pink too. You can't go wrong with a little pink,lol.

    Well, that was a nice dance off. Ofcourse I thought that Infinite was the best. The other two were ok, the ones with mask were ok, only because dancing without seeing it kind of cool. I also have to laugh because I don't know if I am the only one to notice this, but when ever there is a dance battle thet always dance to american singers. I just find this a little funny. Well anyway, that dance battle was all Infinite.

    Well, Tvxq were once again very sexy, but I miss Shinee, Teen Top, and Mblaq now. I hope they comeback soon
    Fighting My Kpop Babies Fighting!!!!!!!!