Friday, March 4, 2011

MuBank-MBLAQ-Again-TVXQ-Maximum-Teen Top-Supa Luv-Cute backstage with MBLAQ!

Fans continue to amaze me with their support of each other as Big Bang wins MuBank with out a performance.
I guess we ARE getting along! 0.0
Let's get to the music!
As I previously reported, Teen Top performed despite being involved in a car accident right before this performance, they were seen at hospital in between shows.
Fighting my Babies!

MBLAQ-Again-ahhh I really wish they were still promoting Cry, just sayin...
On the other hand...Thunder! Abs! And is that shirt back see through?

TVXQ-Maximum-Is there really anything else to say?

Backstage with MBLAQ-T-ARA and 5DOLLS

Many thanks to UnknowCarrot170 for this weeks videos.
Watch fast and enjoy!

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  1. Ok, these are just great videos. I am so proud of teen top, they put on another spectacular performance. Fighting Teen Top!!!!!!
    As for Mblaq, I am just loving every moment of there stage performances. They look sexier every performance. Jooine once again is killing me by not taking off his shirt off. Then there is Thunder he is my second fav of the group and I just love how sexy he is right now.I mean I have always thought that he was sexy, but come on. I love the way he shows of the abs right now. Thank You Thunder!!!!! Ofcourse, I missed seeing Mir again. Fighting Mir Fighting!!!!! Thanks Storm!!!!