Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SHINee - To Your Heart wrapped up in Stardust - Radar Replay! Subbed Interview - ShimShimTaPa

I know I know...I am obsessed with 'To Your Heart' but now that I've learned the lyrics it means even more to me. Heavenly lyrics are incredibly beautiful.
Please enjoy this video that includes both English and romanji subs.
SHINee - To Your Heart (Live - Fancam Compilation) [Kanji+Romanji+English Subs]

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Cute Audio of SHINee on ShimShimTaPa! Subbed!
[Eng] 120102 ShimShimTaPa_SHINee Cut

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Translations are not be 100% accurate.
@happyda08, thanks for sharing.
Audio credits to DC and shared by @PrinceChoiMinho

Radar Replay!
This backstage interview is from SHINee's appearance last year at Kpop Masters Concert in Las Vegas. How exhausted they must have been? They had completed SWC in Japan, got on a plane and arrived just in time to perform on the second day of Kpop Masters. Their schedule was so tight they couldn't even make the first day and the only sleep they got...was probably on the plane  >.<
Backstage Interview with SHINee - Subbed

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Many thanks to all the translators, subbers and uploaders.
Enjoy a lot! ^.^

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