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Teen Top Pretty Boys & Niel Dances on Shim Shim Tapa 120129 & Inkigayo 120129

Earlier this week, TEEN TOP was chosen as one of the top four idol groups who looked great in hanboks. As if to prove their ‘pretty boy’ reputation, TEEN TOP members Chunji and L.Joe shared a selca that boasted of their handsome looks.
On January 28th, a photo was released through TEEN TOP’s me2day saying, ”[We] Sure are good-looking~~~~
It seems like the ’93-line members of TEEN TOP have claimed their roles as the ‘faces of TEEN TOP’. Chunji’s baby face may get him a spot on the list of male idols who look as pretty as girl. L.Joe, on the other hand, seems to have gotten much more handsome after starring in the “Going Crazymusic video alongside 4minute‘s Sohyun.
Fans commented, “I love that you’re updating with more photos!” and “Who’s the prettiest of them all? TEEN TOP!
Source: TEEN TOP’s me2day
TEEN TOP’s Niel reveals the 10 main dance steps for “Going Crazy”

On January 29th, TEEN TOP‘s Niel guested on Shindongs ‘Shim Shim Tapa‘ radio. While on the show, he revealed a video for his fans with a breakdown of some of their dance moves for “Going Crazy“.
Niel described the first nine moves with little labels, such as the “Alien communication dance, Going back dance, Selca dance, Pelvic line dance, ‘Do you want a slim body’ dance, ‘Playing the piano’ dance, Leg dance, ‘(C.A.P) putting on his hood and Taking off his hood’ dance.”
After demonstrating all nine of these dance moves, Niel cleverly revealed the name for step #10, which was: “Everyone (has to) dance (our moves) on stage”.
You can check out his cute dance steps video below:
[VIDEO] 120129 SSTP Niel shows the 10 choreography/steps of CRAZY

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Here are the 10 steps [thanks to allkpop for the trans]
1. Alien communication dance
2. Going back dance
3. Selca dance
4. Pelvic line dance
5. Do you want a 'slim body' dance
6. Playing the piano dance
7. Leg dance
8. (CAP) putting on his hood
9. Taking off his (CAP)'s hood' dance.
10. Everyone (has to) dance (our moves) on stage

Could Niel get any cuter?
Niels hair! I'm confused about whether he got it permed and the stylist straighten it for certain appearances or if they just curl it for promotions? Seems like in most pictures of him not promoting on music shows he has it straight! 
 Inkigayo 120129
[인가120129] 틴탑(TEEN TOP) - 미치겠어 (CRAZY)

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  1. Niel is very cute and I agree the hair thing with him is confussing.

  2. Chunji is so HAWT!