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Tickets to INFINITE’s Japan concert sell out in ten minutes & INFINITE’s L: “I am not a flower boy” PLUS Bonus LJong Video!

Infinite! Infinite! Infinite! Infinite!

INFINITE‘s increasing popularity has been confirmed through the quick sales of their Japanese concert tickets!
Recently, the tickets to their Japanese concert (‘Second Invasion Japan Tokyo’) went up for pre-sale for INFINITE’s Japanese fan club members.
Although these pre-sale tickets were only open to those in their official fan club, the concert was sold out completely without any additional public sales in just 10 minutes. With the tickets selling out so quickly, an additional concert date was requested by the many fans who weren’t able to grab one for themselves.
Having made their official Japanese debut in November, 2011 with ‘BTD (Before the Dawn)‘, the group announced its plans to hold two consecutive concerts at the Tokyo International Forum Hall with a total of 10,000 seats ( with 5,000 seats per concert). Although some had voiced their uncertainties about whether the group would be able to fill up the concert hall so early on into debut, they were silenced when the tickets were sold out in such a short amount of time.
INFINITE’s ‘Second Invasion Japan Tokyo’ concerts are scheduled to be held on Febrary 25th and 26th.
Source + Image: Naver
Wow! Impressive! BUT I'm not surprised, Infinite has worked tirelessly for this!

INFINITE’s L: “I am not a flower boy”

INFINITE’s L has been causing quite the stir with his recent statement, “I don’t think I’m a flower boy.
On January 25th, L attended the press conference for his new tvN drama, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, at the CGV Cheongdam Cine City. During the conference, reporters asked L for his thoughts on his looks.
L laughed as he replied, “All of my fellow cast members are so handsome and beautiful that I don’t consider myself to be a flower boy.”
The answer raised some eyebrows, as L is known to be the ‘visual member’ of INFINITE. That reputation will live on through tvN’s ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’, where L plays an extremely talented guitarist in the fictional pretty-boy band, ‘Eye Candy’.
L shyly confessed, “To be honest, shooting the scene was my first time playing an electric guitar.” He continued, “I will practice hard to show a more professional side for the drama” and “I will deliver a guitarist with a strong sense of character.
This will be L’s first time acting in his home country (he previously made his acting debut in a Japanese production), and therefore, L expressed that he’s really anxious about the results.
L said, “The INFINITE members were all very concerned for me and asked me, ‘Do you think you can do it?’
He continued, “The hyungs that I am working with in the drama have been a big help to me. I want to show a cool side of myself by working hard on my acting.
L also revealed his thoughts about working with ‘Superstar K3’ contestant Kim Ye Rim. “First of all, I have never met Kim Ye Rim before. I am really curious though.” L continued with a laugh, “I’m looking forward to meeting her. I wonder what her personality is like, what she would say, and how she is going to approach me.
In the drama, L will be involved in a love triangle with Yoo Min Kyu and Kim Ye Rim’s characters.
‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ will be about a high school rock band called Eye Candy, who are comprised of flower boys with rough personalities.  It is a passionate drama about youths’ experience with love, friendship and music; it will air its first episode on January 30th.
Source & Image: StarIn via Nate
Looking forward to this!
As promised and always relevant LJong Bonus Video!
120108 아육대 명수성종 백허그

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