Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TEEN TOP’s CAP apologizes for his controversial comment

TEEN TOP‘s CAP apologized for the controversial comment he made on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘.
CAP wrote via TEEN TOP’s official homepage on the 17th, “I made a major mistake by saying what I did on last week’s episode of Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News’, and for that I sincerely apologize.”
He continued, “I was just trying to be funny and entertaining during the interview, and what I really meant to say just came out wrong. I was rebuked by a number of people, and I feel that I deserved it… I feel terrible that my team has been criticized because of my actions, and I just want you guys to know that I am reflecting on my actions. I promise to be more cautious in the future and become a prudent person .”
TEEN TOP’s agency T.O.P Media remarked, “We apologize for the anxiety we caused everyone due to CAP’s controversial comment. We are heeding the advice and comments received from viewers after making a comment that was quite inappropriate for TV, and we will make sure to warn our artists about being more cautious in the future.”
TEEN TOP’s leader CAP recently remarked on a recent episode of Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News’ that he would discipline his daughters by hitting them and keeping them at home, while his sons would be free to do everything their heart desired.
Source & Image: KoreaTimes via Nate

*hops back up on soapbox*sigh*
Honestly I understand culturally why CAP needed to apologize, he is the leader and ultimately takes responsibility  for Teen Top, but he really was trying to be funny, and as a whole they are still rookies and who has never uttered a statement like that before? Can't the netizens cut the boy a little slack? Poor Teen Top can't seem to do anything with out a controversy these days......ever since the Perfume lyric controversy...*hops down*

Fighting Leader-shii!!! I still love you!

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