Tuesday, January 10, 2012

‘The Voice’ is coming to Korea

Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Leessang‘s Gil are joining forces to find the top musicians in the country.
Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ stated on the 10th that Shin Seung Hun, Baek Ji Young, Kang Ta, and Gil have been confirmed as the four coaches for the new program.
We worked hard to put together four of Korea’s top musicians that possess their own unique talents,” they said.
Legendary singer Shin Seung Hun remarked, “I liked that I would be able to become a music coach for hopefuls and help them bring out their unique colors and grow as musicians. I hope that this program will be helpful in finding some of the best musicians in the country.”
Each of the coaches will become a team with their contestants and put on an audition. A representative from the program stated, “What’s unique about this program is that instead of judges, there are coaches. The coaches will be able to take the contestants under their wing and help them become the best.”
‘Voice Korea’ is the Korean version of the famous music survival program, ‘The Voice‘. The coaches will judge the contestants based on their singing talents alone, without being able to see their appearance or stage performances.
Source & Image: Dispatch

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오직 목소리로 승부하라! 슈퍼보컬 서바이벌
'보이스 코리아' 2월 10일(금) 밤 11시 첫방송!
발라드의 황제 신승훈! 감성보컬의 여신 백지영!
차세대 한류 프로듀서 강타! 힙합 마에스트로 리쌍의 길!
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Omo, Korean TV this winter is going to be interesting!
I really hope this new show is good because as you all know, my friends and fans,
Music is my life, and 'The Voice' is one of the few American TV shows that I turn away from my computer, put down my hand phone and turn up the volume for.
The fact that singers are chosen by voice alone and not looks was a crazy premise!
but it work! it worked like crazy! I really hope this show rocks!

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