Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AA to make a comeback in February!

AA will be wrapping up their debut promotions this week and will go into a brief hiatus before they gear up for their next round!
The boys plan on making their comeback in February with an upgraded image. It’s been a long promotional cycle for AA, who   debuted in October with “Because I’m Crazy” and went on to perform remix versions for year-end shows. The boys received much attention for their professional stage manners and activism with charities.
Until their next comeback, they plan on focusing on individual activities, as they have been receiving offers from variety shows and dramas.
A representative stated on January 3rd, “They’ll be doing individual activities after concluding promotions for their ‘Because I’m Crazy’ debut. They’ll also be preparing for their mini-album comeback in February.”
Source + Photos: Newsen

I was just searching all my sources last night for AA since I haven't seen any recent news about my fabulous new babies. And here they pop UP! Though I already knew about their comeback, its good to see them back in the news.
Even their Twitter has been unlike them, looks like they're preparing for comeback! Hoping for teasers soon!

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