Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Bang performs “Tonight” on Japan’s ‘Music Station’

For the first time in months, Big Bang has finally come together to perform as a complete unit on a public TV broadcast!
On January 20th, the boys made an appearance on TV Asahi‘s ‘Music Station‘, a popular Japanese music program that gets broadcasted nationwide every week. They participated in a talk segment with the hosts before launching into the Japanese version of their hit song, “Tonight“.
Big Bang hasn’t performed with all five members on a public TV broadcast since Spring of last year, so their ‘Music Station’ performance was in effect, a comeback stage.
120120 Big Bang-Tonight(Japanese)

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Enjoy a lot cause I can't even tell you the carp I had to go through to get this video, also watch fast cause the uploader has already been tagged and had the video blocked once.

I wonder what will happen when sales drop because people like me can't even inform fans of new music? You think SOPA will not affect you? Think again......>.>

On the other hand.....Daesungie!!!!! squeeeeeeeee!!! And can I just say how hot GD looks? ^^


  1. BIG BANG BIG BANG WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! There back together and looking hot as hell!!!!

  2. Waaaahhhhh! Big Bang!!!
    Yayyyyyyy! Lol...
    Yes GD looks hot, if a bit too thin in those pants. TOP looks so hot too... and Daesung! So happy they're all together on tv again. I was really interested in that whole english part. Poor TOP I couldn't tell what he was saying... good thing for the subs at the bottom. Can't wait for their Korean comeback.