Thursday, January 12, 2012

M! Countdown 120112 - MBLAQ - Teen Top

Okies babies here's the deal...
For what ever reasons, the recent quality of videos from all the music shows pretty much sucks, it took me over six...thats right 6 hours to do one post looking for better videos.
The last few weeks I have not had the heart to post up some of these bad videos, but, I'm sure like all of you, I missed them! Ottoke? For now I will just post what I can find...

WOW!!! MBLAQ comes back in a BIG way!
Declaring "Its War!" and showing special effects during their stage like I have never seen before they have pushed to a whole new level.
[120112] MBLAQ - It's War (Comeback Stage) [M! Countdown]

Uploaded by on Jan 12, 2012
MBLAQ also performed 'Scribble'

Unfortunately this Springboard video does not tell me who to thank or who to backlink.

Also on the comeback trail in a big way are my Teen Top babies!
Oh how everyone has missed them! Love the song! Love the outfits!
That long note.....please fix that...
[120112] Teen Top - Going Crazy [M! Countdown]

Uploaded by on Jan 12, 2012

IF I come across better videos I will of course update.

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